Row Row Row Your Boat in Marabut

We know Tacloban and the rest of Eastern Visayas are familiar to many due to typhoon Haiyan. But it’s time to get ourselves back on the map again, as one of the new exciting places to head to in the country. We ourselves couldn’t imagine something remotely close to this will be possible after the devastation, but here we are, back to offer everyone crazy adventures and fun. All these beautiful waters surrounding us, we can’t help it, we’re wet, wild and proud Waray Waray!

This is the Twin Rocks in Marabut Island, and like Magellan, we’re the first to set foot on these, uuuhm, gigantic rocks, and proclaim it a site of adventure. Our great exploits included cliff diving from the edge of that pointed heights that gives James Bond a run for his skills.  We also discovered snorkeling spots replete with beautiful species around the area.

So we’re very happy we now can take you to this previously uncharted waters and offer you one of your biggest adventures yet.


They can’t hide their excitement!




Come and jetski!




We’ll climb the taller one later 🙂

Watch this video of our boy’s rite of passage. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to jump! We’re waiting for your call!



Miss Pintados 2016 Ladies Join us for a Ride

Miss Pinatdos1

Beauty on all fronts. It’s like an attack we’d welcome everyday 🙂

We meant business when we said we want to show you the beauty of Region 8. And yes, that includes its people.

We were thrilled to take these ladies around the gorgeous scenery that is the San Juanico bridge and show them sights as pretty as they are.

Miss Pintados 2

We’re just using one adjective here. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous waters, gorgeous girls. What’s not to love?

Our Miss Pintados candidates surely dialed up the heat that day and the glamour of that ride.  As for us, we can’t wait to have them again next year, and the next, and the next. Can we say forever?

Here’s the video of that beautiful ride!