Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge Experience

  • Solo Package
  • 10,000
  • per pax
  • Package deal for 2
  • 5,200
  • per pax
  • Package deal for 3
  • 3,600
  • per pax
  • Package deal for 4
  • 3,000
  • per pax
  • Package deal for 5
  • 2,350
  • per pax
Package deal for 6Package deal for 7Package deal for 8Package deal for 9Package deal for 2
per paxper paxper paxper paxper pax


Boat Round Trip

Enjoy the verdant forest and limestone formation. Listen to the sound of nature as you chase butterflies, dragon flies and rare birds with your eyes. Get to observe the vibrant riverine community as well. You will see ladies washing their clothes by the riverbank by beating the clothes with a piece of plank while their little kids splash and dive nearby.

Land Round Trip

Arrive at your destination safely and return home hassle-free. For one-day adventures and for overnight stays, we offer land shuttle services for delivery and return trips.


Dine with exquisite and delicious assortment of lunch and snacks prepared just right for your taste. Enjoy great food and equally great sights when you cruise with the best.


You won’t see this place on ordinary days. Local stories have it that Sohoton and Panhulugan caves were inhabited thousands of years ago, as archeological findings such as bones of early cave dwellers and their possessions where discovered inside the caves.


Get some tan and upper body exercise rowing your kayak upstream towards the Natural Bridge.

Burn your calories by paddling your kayak and by carrying it when you reach the shallow part of the river.

Caving Gears and Guides

“Prevention is better than cure” and “Better safe than sorry” are sayings we deeply value. That is why before embarking on an adventure of a lifetime, we want to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and gears you need to keep you safe and fully enjoy caving

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