Marabut Rock Formation Tour

  • 1,500
  • per head
  • minimum of 10 persons


Banca Cruise

Here at the Banca Cruise, we promise you that you will be in awe with the verdant forest, the limestone formations, and the vibrant riverine community where one can see ladies washing their clothes by the river. You will feel one with nature as you chase butterflies, dragon flies and rare birds with your eyes. Book now and be one with nature!

Island Hopping

Explore the rock formations in Marabut and experience peace and serenity


The sea around Marabut is peaceful and calm. The waters are clear and clean. You can take a kayak and explore the limestone islands and have a close-to-nature experience that is simply nirvana.


Enjoy and spend your time with a calming swim. Feel the water massage and caress your body like never before.

Experience On-Board Cooking

Enjoy Boodle “Budol” Fight Fest on-board that features local cuisine foods


Sing along with your friends and feel the music while you travel.

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