Kalanggaman: Why do we love thee, let me count …


The world woke up to the new trailer of La La Land ( go on, watch it, watch the gift that is Emma Stone) and suddenly everything seems fantastic, the feeling almost magical. And we would go so far as to say we’re in love.

And while we’re unabashedly  telling the world that, we’re equally loving the almost paradise we call Kalanggaman. Almost,  because it lacks a permanent island fixture the likes of Ryan Gosling, with his seemingly photo shopped (perfect) torso in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

So here’s  some of the reasons why we love Kalanggaman like crazy (and miss it like crazy, haha) and why it should be in your next adventure!

1. Mother Nature at its finest.  Pristine beach,  white sand, crystal clear waters and many other beautiful things have been said about this stunning island, and we concur. And we’re hoping it stays that way through the efforts of the local government to balance tourism and development with conservation. And through us, beautiful and responsible guests, taking nothing but beautiful memories and leaving nothing but kindness. Haha, this reminder doesn’t get old.

view sandbar 2

Like your lover that’s so inviting. To stretch on that fine white sand and get the perfect tan or dip into the cool water?

Never Saw Blue Like That 7

On a perfect day like this one, you can sit on that lifeguard chair and believe that you own the realm. Like you’re sitting on the iron throne, but unlike Cersie, you are happy and so is everyone.

2. Sandbar that stretches as far as the eye can see and that makes for a perfect jumpshot setting. It could easily be one of the best in the country. Picture this: you’re taking that long walk from end to end of the sandbar,  the salty breeze gently caressing you,  your worries ebbing away, and suddenly an omanyte appears!  and a dragonair! and a lapras! That’s the Pokemon hunting dream and we’re sure that can happen. Gosh, the thought is leaving us breathless.

And then of course, the jump shots. We need not not say more 🙂

jump 2

There are numerous ways to do the jumpshot and here’s one of them.

jump 3

We can do this all day!

3. Snorkeling and Dive spots. While the water-type pokemons are keeping us busy on the surface, there’s  just as many exciting (and real) species to interact with underneath these largely unexplored snorkeling and dive sites. But no, we don’t catch them.

Diving sites

4. Sunset and starry starry night. Kalanggaman beach is like us, it is beautiful 24/7.  Yes, there’s the water and sand that sparkle like your favorite jewel under the light of the sun during the day. And there’s the sunset that bathes the island in a  mesmerizing orange glow, leaving all of us momentarily speechless. By night,  ‘ a thousand splendid stars’  shine down on the island that even the least romantic of us can’t help but sing Vincent.

5.  A Sanctuary and a chapel. Thank us later if you  finally get married on this chapel. You got the idea from us. Sorry for the indulgence but we mentioned from the get go that we’re in love 🙂 Seriously,  what better way to ruminate on the mystery of the universe and life than being reposed inside the solitude that this small sanctuary offers.

5. Kalanggaman and Aquamomentum. It’s like your idea of a perfect date, a nice and safe ride with food indulgence. Emphasis on the food.



The Aquamomentum team with guests on this fancy ride.


Thanks to Aqua Momentum, it’s a lot easier now to reach this place from Tacloban, traveling from shore to shore.

approach 2

These guys are like  Cinderella’s fairy godmother and more. Not only do they give you one of the best rides of your life, they make sure you’re well-fed too 🙂 And who knows, your Princess or Prince Charming may just be waiting for you on the island.

food 3

I don’t know about you but this, right here, is heaven.





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