Winfred “Baby Boy” Santos: The Gym Leader of San Juanico


The first time I tried my hand at wakeboarding was an awesome experience all thanks to Aqua momentum

We actually started the day a bit early around 5 or 6 am, we traveled to the area around the iconic San Juanico Bridge via speedboat. The view was exceptional, calm beautiful waters, nice little islands with the iconic bridge in the background while the sun was rising made the fact that I had to wake up earlier than usual well worth it.

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Wake boarding while a bit difficult was definitely a fun experience, the aqua momentum staff was friendly and very professional they were always on hand and readily available to give lessons and tips for a first timer like me. I felt safe the whole time since they had a rescue boat on hand at all times trailing us, which was very important for my peace of mind considering that I was a first timer with no experience.

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After wakeboarding we decided to relax and refresh ourselves on one of the floating cottages near one of the islands. A cup of coffee, the sun not to mention that refreshing sea air and view made a nice ending to my little adventure.

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