Wet, Wild, and Waray-waray!


Best Price Guarantee

Extreme fun within reach. Water sports and island hopping for as low as P600.

Growing Destinations

Explore exciting new places, and boldly go where few have gone before.

Live Life Now

Call us at 0927-035-1982 or drop us a visit at Pier Tres, Leyte Park Hotel Wharf.

Something’s in the air…

Fun has come to our shores!

Today is a perfect day to start living. Grab your gear and head down to Aqua Momentum and enjoy the unique experience we offer. Throw your worries to the vast ocean and escape into open aimlessness, with the wind at your back and the sun shining warm upon your face, towards a better balance of wisdom and compassion — of seeing the world clearly, and feeling it truly.

It’s a good day to live

What floats your boat?

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